Our Philosophy

Labor GummCustomer satisfaction is our number one priority. This makes our motto particularly significant. In a world ever gaining pace, client demands of our customers are increasing and with it the requirements of our team.

Result and target-oriented

Increasing complexity, constant innovations within the construction industry, and new aspects to current rules and regulations mean our staff have to be capable of interdisciplinary work. Our highly qualified employees look for a result and target-oriented solution to every issue. This includes great awareness of cost-effectiveness in order to offer the customer the best solution.

Qualified partner

Over the last few years, Bodenmechanische Labor Gumm has developed into an expert consultant and service provider on account of its apparatus and equipment and qualified staff in the areas of contaminated sites, subsoil, road construction, earthworks and landfill construction, and engineering geology, hydrogeology and vibration measurements. Along with these services, our laboratories for soil, concrete, and asphalt testing are also available to our customers. Our laboratory equipment and well-qualified employees make us a great partner for our customers throughout Germany.