Engineering geology

Strategic solutions for boreholes, probes, soil classification, earthworks, sewage works, and site surveys

Engineering geologyEngineering geology belongs to the area of earth sciences, representing the link between ‘classical’ geology, applied geology, geotechnology and civil engineering. Engineering geology is particularly concerned with the correlation between the mechanical and physical properties of sediments, bedrock and mountains depending on their genetic material properties and geological development.

On the basis of our excellent staff and technical resources we are able to provide strategic solutions for a whole series of engineering geology areas:

  • Exploratory procedures (boreholes, small percussive drilling and dynamic probing tests)
  • Specification, sampling, and classification of soil and rock
  • Soil mechanics laboratory; soil mechanics lab tests
  • Classification for structural engineering purposes
  • Geohydraulic trials (pumping trials and infiltration trials)
  • Site survey, foundation recommendations, and determination of settlement
  • Stability of hillsides and embankments
  • Landfill construction
  • Traffic route construction (roads, rail, and waterways)
  • Shoring of building pits
  • Dimensioning of water drainage facilities
  • Earthworks (fills for dams, embankments, and dykes, etc.)
  • Soil improvement measures
  • Construction or remediation of sewers, and water pipes, etc.
  • Construction of stormwater retention and detention tanks