Consultation & Assessment

Contaminated sites

In times of conserving resources, the demolition of existing structures and the remediation of old contaminated sites are gaining more and more significance

Foundation soil

Precise knowledge of the subsoil is essential for sound planning of a building project.

Landfill construction

The extensive equipment in our soil mechanics laboratory also allows us to operate in the landfill site construction and earthworks sector.

Earthworks/airport construction

Particularly in the area of airport construction, diverse and special requirements are made that need fulfilling.

Building demolition

On developed properties, buildings and technical structural parts are to be carefully examined before a planned demolition.


The investigation of hydrogeological conditions for upcoming building projects is one of our main tasks.

Engineering geology

Engineering geology belongs to the area of earth sciences, representing the link between ‘classical’ geology, applied geology and civil engineering.

Road construction

We can professionally monitor your road construction project and support you when it comes to environmental issues.

Vibration measurements

Vibrations occur in the course of building projects; depending on the intensity of the subsoil, they may get transferred to nearby structures.

Radon measurements

Radon measurements are used to assess subsoil in terms of the soil vapour radon concentration.