Contaminated sites

Expert, cost-effective advice in investigating contaminated areas of your land

Contaminated sitesIn times of protecting and conserving resources, the demolition of existing structures and the remediation of old contaminated sites are gaining more and more significance. In this respect, potential customers and investors depend on expert, cost-effective advice in order to minimise the risk of escalating construction costs or lengthy construction periods.

This makes it even more important to be sure of planning reliability, based on a detailed investigation of the site, at the outset of a building project or prior to purchasing property. This includes historical research, especially in the case of known prior industrial use, preliminary investigations, and detailed investigations by taking samples of the soil and groundwater, if necessary.

In addition to investigating the contaminated site, waste-related investigations are also crucial for building projects. This makes declaration analyses necessary either prior to or during the building project. Preparation of a work and safety plan is also required in order to protect both the environment and people during a building project which involves entering the subsoil, or demolition of buildings.

Measures, materials, costs and construction periods can be derived and estimated by means of a final assessment. The points given above are representative of just one part of the overall complex issue of “contaminated sites”, as this complexity requires an individual solution for each single project.

On account of our wide-ranging expertise, we are able to develop solution proposals for all of the issues associated with the contaminated areas. This means we can offer professional support and monitoring of all phases, from the planning, to the run-up to the building project (e.g. by preparing a bill of quantities), through to the actual building project. In particular, our years of experience in engineering geology planning and monitoring of the most varied of projects ensure that the handling of the issues concerning the contaminated site take place parallel to the ongoing building projects to prevent any unnecessary delays occurring.