Vibration measurements

Preventing vibration damage to structures

ErschütterungsmessungenVibrations occur in the course of most building projects; depending on the intensity and properties of the subsoil, they may get transferred to nearby structures. The possible source of these vibrations includes all demolition, compaction, or support works, as well as heavy construction site traffic.

Depending on the fabric of the nearby buildings, vibrations may cause damage to them. To counter any potential claims for recourse it is therefore essential to collect evidence of the existing fabric of the buildings prior to commencing a building project. Measurements are to be made of any vibrations occurring during the building project that may provide information about potential risk to the structure.

Different limit values, below which damage is not to be expected, are stipulated by DIN 4150-2 according to the type of structure. Our measuring procedure allows us to continuously log and assign any vibrations; if limit values are exceeded, they can be forwarded directly via a mobile radio module. This also means that the construction process or method can be changed before a building’s structure is damaged.

Our expert team provides these services using the latest measuring technology in the form of the highest accuracy class measuring devices from Syscom.