Testing groundwater quality to ensure its optimum protection

HydrogeologyGroundwater is an increasingly precious resource that needs protecting. In such a densely populated and highly industrialised country as Germany groundwater protection has been given extremely high priority by legislators, not least because of the strict requirements of drinking water quality in place.

In order to detect and eliminate any adverse effects on drinking water quality complex investigations and testing are necessary in contaminated areas where it can be assumed that groundwater it at risk. We are in a position to provide you with all of the services you need, starting with the invitation to tender for set-up of the necessary measurement stations or wells, to the preparation of an analysis and sampling concept, through to the assessment and modelling of the groundwater conditions.

Furthermore, emphasis has to be placed on the investigation of hydrogeological conditions for upcoming civil engineering projects. In this respect, we will develop a plan for water drainage on site, including assessment of the required extraction systems and official coordination and approvals for the water drainage.

Another focal point is the inspection and dimensioning of infiltration systems which will become more and more of interest for small construction projects in future in the context of rising costs for waste water.